French Press Brewing Guide

This method is reserved for those who love a strong, full bodied cup of coffee. The caffeine content is the same but since the coffee is steeped, the flavours are bold and robust.

French Press Coffee

TOOLS & INGREDIENTS (4 minute brew time)
• 8 Cup French Press
• 40g (weight not volume) of Top Dog Coffee beans
• Spouted Kettle
• Timer (phone)
• Burr Grinder
• 600 ML Water
• Scale

A). Measure 40g of whole bean coffee and grind them on a coarse setting using your burr grinder.
B). Bring your water to a boil.
C). Rinse the French Press with some of your boiled water to preheat it and maintain the temperature while brewing.
D). Place the coffee grounds into the French press.
E). Slowly pour your boiling water into the press filling it only enough to barely cover the grounds, then gently stir and make sure they are all saturated.
F). Set timer for 4 minutes, then start the clock while you fill the press with your water.
G). Once full, place the top on and when your timer goes off, slowly plunge the press, pour and enjoy!