Chemex Brewing Guide

The Chemex method produces a cup with light mouth feel, reminiscent of hot tea with a clean and bright finish, enhancing the fruity and floral notes in the coffee.

TOOLS & INGREDIENTS (4 minute brew time)
• 6 Cup Chemex w/filters
• 40g of Top Dog Coffee Beans
• Burr Grinder
• Spouted kettle
• Scale
• 600 ML of water

A). Measure 40g of whole bean coffee and grind them on a coarse setting using your burr grinder.
B). Bring your water to a boil.
C). Rinse the Chemex with boiling water to preheat the vessel.
D). Place the Chemex filter with the tri-folded side towards the pouring spout then rinse with boiling water to ensure that your coffee won’t have a paper taste when pouring.
E). Place the coffee grounds into the filter, start timer and slowly pour the water in a circular motion until the coffee starts to “bloom”. Then allow the bloom to rest for about 30/40 seconds.
F). Continue to pour in a circular motion until you get to the 3.5/4 min mark, discard the filter and enjoy!